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Chicago Fire ( 4 minutes ago )

nineteen63 : Are they serious right now?

Black Mirror ( 7 minutes ago )

YgraineDance : Amazing concept. I soooo agree with the person who said the ending song was perfect for the scene, as well as for the overall message of the tale. Very well done on all fronts! I must add, though, that healthcare/insurance coverage someday that would even BEGIN to cover the REAL fascination of the story for me. I've got about a millions questions on that....

Year Million ( 7 minutes ago )

gunny1952 : No thank you very much.I do not imagine that imortality is all its cracked up to be.Especially when one can not appreciate its limitations or ramifications for a soulless entity as they describe.

Baby Daddy ( 11 minutes ago )

bigb2977 : so mad the cancelled this at least they should do a 1 hour send off damn!

Supergirl ( 22 minutes ago )

Masokiss : we are talking about comic book logic here almost as bad as anime logic lol

24 ( 23 minutes ago )

water2whine : THIS is how you open a season but with 23 episodes to go how in the world will they keep up this pace and how will I avoid a stroke? I can't resist speculating. Logan is way way to inept, I mean he's like Daffy Donald on acid, to have pulled this off but with Palmer writing his memoirs, I'm betting that someone close to Logan is behind it OR the Chinese didn't buy Jack's fake death and are behind it to lure Jack out of hiding. Clearly, if they wanted you know who's death blamed on Jack SOMEONE knows Jack's alive outside the circle of three. I am SO excited.

Frame Arms Girl ( 26 minutes ago )

BioM3chX : Sugar, spice and everything CUTE! This is like Powerpuff girls meets Centurions but in a Barbie world kinda way lol! I hope this stay cute most of the anime now adays had good character buildup in the beginning then fall apart from the middle to the end, hope this one is not one of them.

Gotham ( 29 minutes ago )

Dancingirl : Finally this boring season is over, only these 2 last eps were good and maybe another one somewhere along the way. So glad Fish is back. Where is Nygma? They just left him hanging around there???

Into the Badlands ( 30 minutes ago )

adranxl : damn this was hard core sad ending tho

Time: The Kalief Browder Story ( 31 minutes ago )

mrholoway : Probally the saddest shit I have ever watched.

The Leftovers ( 38 minutes ago )

minaesco : lol as soon as she mentioned the mannaquin with the hat that brought him to life I knew it was Today's Special. Used to come on Nickelodeon before it turned to crap. Hated Muffy.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire ( 38 minutes ago )

RanRanFanFan : I hate Dawn so much. Leanne is going to go ham next episode, can't wait.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ( 43 minutes ago )

stephaniegeorgina : OMG I DON'T BELIEVE THIS IS ON HERE... this used to be my favorite as a kid.

Bokeh ( 44 minutes ago )

Diabolic29 : This was the worst movie I've seen in quite some time! Do NOT waste your precious time on this crap film. The only thing good about this was the Soundtrack. It was amazing! Too bad the movie didn't follow suit.

Alice & Zouroku ( 46 minutes ago )

zixx777 : Not a bad anime, but the storyline has been done many times before. I give the first seven episodes a B-. Hopefully, it will evolve from mediocre to great in the last few episodes...we will see.

Gotham ( 48 minutes ago )

purj : The only thing i found disturbing with this episode is the honda advert...

Guerrilla ( 50 minutes ago )

mrholoway : Wow is all I can say , great show.

Supergirl ( 55 minutes ago )

laitdepoule : Way to use silver kryptonite in a similar but not quite the same way as Smallville :P I'm hoping that was a breach and Mon ends up in one of the other verse's so we still get some of him and it's not a 'he sailed off into the stars never to be seen again' ending for him. also, I don't know about anyone else but that ending screamed that Doomsday is coming to me.

Supergirl ( 56 minutes ago )

MOM1973 : m i the only one that cried

Planet Earth II ( 57 minutes ago )

MsKnowles : Another great planet earth series. It always amazes me how they're able to get the footage that they show.

Sense8 ( 58 minutes ago )

ventu_rabbit : the end of these episodes always grabbed u, made u jump out of your seat, and made you start up the next episode....damn loved this one!

Twin Peaks ( 1 hour ago )

ateras360 : I can't wait to see the next episode. Love the eccentric minds of Lynch & Frost!

The Durrells ( 1 hour ago )

twdfan : I absolutely love everything about this show!

Supergirl ( 1 hour ago )

Blazarius : Where did Monel go? Earth 1 maybe? That portal he took, wasn't part of his plan if you look at his face.. and really looked a lot like a dimensional portal we see in Flash every so often. Would really be cheap if they decided to just send him to the phantom zone...

The Leftovers ( 1 hour ago )

KOchamp : One of the most depressing shows ever produced. Episode after episode sucks the will and hope out of all of its characters. The series is just one big dark pit of depression and angst. Painful to watch unless you are a glutton for punishment especially since the producers said they are never going to explain what happened and why. Spare yourself the agony and watch something else worth your time.

What Happens at The Abbey ( 1 hour ago )

DDOGS : How the hell can you have a show take place in a gay club — but be centred around straight people? wtf?

The Last Alaskans ( 1 hour ago )

RackyNH : This is by far one of the best, most realistic show on TV, I simply adore the people and would love to meet them. Not sure if i could live in solitude like they do, but man i wish i was younger I'd give it a go. I'm almost 60 so no chance of that, but I can dream!!!

Hey Hey We're the Monkees ( 1 hour ago )

MsKnowles : Used to watch reruns of the Monkees back in the day. Interesting to see how they came to be.

Year Million ( 1 hour ago )

zixx777 : I think whoever made this series must be a big fan of Ian Douglas' sci-fi novels. :)

Heidi ( 1 hour ago )

VegasWalkinDude : I've seen two found footage horror bombs today -- Heidi and Panteon Forest -- and they literally both started with the same intro dialogue: "It's [insert character name here] and [insert second character name], my [brother/sister] from another mother." This is how far we have traveled down the path to found footage hell -- even the derivative cinema verite movies are copying one another. And perhaps most depressing here is we're supposed to some how be fearful of a doll that appears in a frame in one instance and then has vanished in the next. Or whose head slowly moves when no one is looking except the camera, of course. Really, this film does not deserve any more of my time or critique.

A View of Love ( 1 hour ago )

Lucy18960 : Okay story, good acting and kept me wondering for awhile. I did not find the whole basis for the story believable, though.

Supergirl ( 1 hour ago )

worksa7 : Fights were cool. I have issues but I edited them out- it's too easy to nitpick at this show; but at the end of the day it's still entertaining.

Santa Clarita Diet ( 1 hour ago )

Richann : well, I'm enjoying it, and still going in for more onto episode 8

Gotham ( 1 hour ago )

MuslimBeard : Have these people never heard of a headshot?? Would save a lot of lives, time, and drama.

Deuces ( 1 hour ago )

Lamontii : Good watch! Larenz tate on a comeback! Netflix trying to step up their movie game see.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire ( 1 hour ago )

mrberry2u : love Tanya this season. now that she's escaped from the grasp of Dawn.

The Exorcist ( 1 hour ago )

mrholoway : One of the best and most underrated shows of all time.

24 ( 1 hour ago )

water2whine : You just gotta love Asperger Chloe's matter-of-fact manner: They better since the casualty figures of an LA airstrike would be over a million lives lost --- including ours. I STILL wanted that nuke to go off but over DC not LA. Logan is one of the most despicable characters EVER created... I just want to castrate him slowly with a dull rusty knife then move on to other body parts while keeping him alive as long as possible, maybe even skinning him alive. The ending was weird -- I thought it was this season that Jack was actually taken by the Chinese and spent 3 years in a Chinese prison. I must have been high the night I walked away with that scenario.

Southpaw ( 1 hour ago )

David_Smith : Wow.....this may very well be the most unique boxing movie of all time.

Twin Peaks ( 1 hour ago )

masteryder : Boring... After twenty five minutes into part 1, nothing made any sense. Sorry, but I really don't want to put that much effort into what is supposed to be pleasurable viewing.

Madam Secretary ( 1 hour ago )

Sullyf : Shows like this make us forget, even for a short while, that there is an idiot in the real White House! Great episode.

Sasheer Zamata: Pizza Mind ( 2 hours ago )

Jack_T_Tumult : good set, gonna miss her on SNL

The Exorcist ( 2 hours ago )

Nephilimfields : No disrespect to Geena, but I would have loved to have seen what Jessica Lang would have brought to the role of Angela. Sure,maybe e she'd be a bit too old, but still...

Generation War ( 2 hours ago )

makingaripple : Quite amazing program. Considering the tacit encouragement by the elite globalist PC establishment of the recent attacks/slaughter upon Gays, plus the rise of antisemitism, both supported by the leftist elite establishment; this TV program highlights our very clear and present dangers. The timing of this TV program is apt for us in the west right now, however tragic. The creeping tyranny of rules and surveillance is fully exposed appropriately and creepily nuanced in this TV series. Excellent writing with fine and very talented actors foretell our soon to be future without a serious societal reboot. Again, the acting is superb and it couldn't have been an easy go of it for the artists. No one has telephoned in a performance and their commitment is commendable. The sets are extraordinarily detailed and the camera and lighting are finely tuned. The editing and direction are particularly excellent and the unit directors, each one, did a fine job. God help us all. Definitely worth a watch! Not for the faint of heart. 10/10

12 Monkeys ( 2 hours ago )

JoanCrawford : Hoping the finale gives something more..., so glad getting to binge it instead of waiting each week for it, though feel something is lacking in this season.

Friends ( 2 hours ago )

Gladion20 : Monica and Rachel's voices are kind of off too

The Red Wolf ( 2 hours ago )

mykrislou : good and thorough script, same for acting.

Young & Hungry ( 2 hours ago )

Asad360 : never seen this show before.. never heard of it...but the woman in the picture looks good, so i think i'll watch it. I think i am going to watch a lot of shows when the leads are sexy women

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Latest Comments

Chicago Fire

nineteen63 : Are they serious right now?

Black Mirror

YgraineDance : Amazing concept. I soooo agree with the person who said the ending song was per ...

Year Million

gunny1952 : No thank you very much.I do not imagine that imortality is all its cracked up to ...

Baby Daddy

bigb2977 : so mad the cancelled this at least they should do a 1 hour send off damn!


Masokiss : we are talking about comic book logic here almost as bad as anime logic lol


water2whine : THIS is how you open a season but with 23 episodes to go how in the world will t ...

Frame Arms Girl

BioM3chX : Sugar, spice and everything CUTE! This is like Powerpuff girls meets Centurions ...

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